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the eye . the news on tuesday a clear deadline wound down for pro kremlin separatism the buildings they have occupied for days. farm groups of manifold of the deductible the odds were still negotiating with authority. this effort is there stormed government buildings on april's act calling for a local referendum to secure more independence from kiev activism authorities have not come to an agreement on amnesty offered by acting president alexander church and after protesters who left the building voluntarily
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acting prime minister is any of you is expected to travel to the depth of april eleven resisted efforts to reach a compromise. march has been suspended from the council of europe in protest against what god created your towards ukraine and the annexation upright me out. the ap russian parliamentarian to worship and it will not be able to vote in the assembly or take part in an election observation mission. nevada was preceded by a three hour debate boycotted by most of the russian delegation the council of europe whose members come from forty seven european states stopped short of withdrawing price is right for good arguing that it would not help the effort to solve the biggest crisis between the west to rush up to the fall of the berlin wall . i knew the routine use of june more. when we want
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when you leave. no more. i know. it is. the eu the to
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break the results and not be over according to the municipal health department has confirmed twenty five cases of the highly contagious disease the fifth of february. it starts with a high fever and rash falling debris nose red eyes and a cough measles virus can last for at least a week. starting in the face and moving down the body at times even spreading to the palms of hands and soles of feet. the emergency room doctor i didn't hear the gospel says that what really complicates the situation could be and freakishly medical workers failed to recognize the core institutions. this results in the disease spreading especially since the price is airborne and highly infectious for up to four hours in a closed off days. a lot of doctors are not familiar with that of the presentation which often is the rest of the term begins in the years to a high fever first and then the rest was from the head down to the body the face to face to
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the tram to the abdomen. and there's a disease which a lot of doctors young doctors and ever seen. measles can also cause serious complications like diarrhea pneumonia anything dad. one of every one thousand cases a speedo there's also a high chance of concocting a lifelong disability. fiji's deafness and blindness. highly contagious virus has been eliminated in us and canada in two thousand and two according to a branch of the world health organization in the americas. however the large increase in cost effective people coming from abroad said tuesday that it doesn't live in a break in quebec canada which lasted almost two years the western your gently separate governments tend to trend among youth to convert to islam joined islamist rebel groups to fight in middle eastern insurgencies mothers fathers brothers and
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sisters of the article i steamed the two met in paris the french anthropologist specializing in some detail on this our first apartment that will help to deal with the pain and suffering of the freedom of belief is that a cliff. sabina college sixteen year old daughter sarah left for syria and my mother or father dropped off at school three days later she called her parents to say she was fine but could not tell them where she was a disaster it's so cute that she used to tell him pushing years old younger sister not to waste is dumped on the internet that the chairs because it was not put the house so she didn't steal any of these we didn't even have the slightest idea she was brainwashed and in some way be typed into the theme was awestruck at the surface of the books to school dominique owns a sixty discovered last year to thirty lbs on the cliff and corn protect islam and been killed in suicide bombing in the syrian city of homes in december twenty second of his younger half brother dijon danielle had been killed in fighting month earlier. those
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easy and fun they all used up i have nothing against religion of islam. when you convert it into a team that seems like too often it is less tedious. that's the thing we have denounced as he must be able to find who is behind that and some of the month occurred because people to make me keep them on saturday night in the sun then the second. as many as two thousand youths have traveled to syria to fight alongside islamic and come back pretty sure all of god's covenant with the rebellion started nearly three years to go. france europe's largest muslim population has become a major center for recruitment to six hundred and seven hundred french nationalist residents are believed to have volunteered to fight in syria the eye
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rottnest the correct name a few years ago. ultra traditional dishes with a modern twist or served with finest israel the winds one would think it would be difficult to introduce scoring once in prawn stock on to win to reach winemaking tradition. but the yen the frock will be installed to quote you if a great number of oscar wines has succeeded in attracting wine lovers who are extra. is that he could get in the dumps i was elated to crush their intensity is they are the ones we're becoming a director and actor. and i decided to take it personally i went to israel. i'm able to produce tears they capitalized. he's going to drown in walkabout went to a quieter boring college aid and development guilty so i could make appointments for disaster and the first one which was made in collaboration with eminem who was the famous and he and they need to tune in next to his opening panel. i am today
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wednesday at christie's really want him thinking that the most important extra toes really boring. mr morgan said he went to the ground with local content costs are going for it to grow. it really that old self esteem into the age eighteen and three good conscience goings on at length on an adjusted the seat. the natural association between wine and pleasure gave to me i am and her team the gao organizing meetings for people looking for a soulmate. if you don't see eye to eye the air trying to read it like to see the classical guitar concert going into the tickets especially for unmarried people for the company in the ngo community. they will be able to meet and talk with a single lines. i try to make those crazies and played games so they can wear and have fun and hopefully for many who come to that. yes danielle. after working for many years as a tv producer yen and the frog decided to try to live for her passion
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for inventive dishes growing spear asian from different to jewish hollinger tradition. i specialize in caustic a scene from all over tomorrow is my passion i read a lot of books here are beginning toipes at contend for a taste of he authotoddrets a tssue with the crazyte parenting rights. i mean frankly that the trial was announced grants to bring peace to northern africa. we also stand to face with coconut milk and honey with two nephews pastrami he could be good to have their mind or at least we can leave it right to be creative and have fun but also to help people the re discovery was sayremely things going on a that you are looking around to look at. yeah i was cutting the cos her wines are a perfect match for people to open up in the honduras. this
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tuesday the twenty third is just the excuse that people can meet aaron something friendly. we like it here the scene of the sponsors of the evening. everything is caution has to understand whether you're looking for israeli wine court refusing to romance. you definitely should stop the body in the opener of a peach jam one paris the increased use cheaper units he has voiced concerns of rising anti semitism in the country following the far right she'll put policy success in last weekend's national elections. one in five hungarians budget for the widely perceived anti semitic feel that you would buy party promises to create jokes cracked down on crime and hold a referendum on eu membership the substantial election plainfield it makes it one of the strongly supports the far right
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politician year. laurie for tens of thousands of cheese and red meat chips he's hungry. if in a can be prosecuted for that despite assurances from recently elected prime minister the government who was more to integrate them into society. the capital budapest is hunted out a two percent of countries to use one of the seat is rocky's ribeiro told israeli media that govern the peace and torrents of swastikas have been dying for but not instances of government acts have been reposted the world jewish congress still has a new assembly in budapest last year is to do is due to a recent venue to highlight the rise of neo political parties across european states. following the result the hon gary and ambassador to israel. i'm too and i she was going to do this angle which was a minority in our county which enjoy manipulating the country's disadvantaged groups he added that the ruling consent of the best policy would not tolerate hostile speeches against anyone who couldn't use and that the punishment for denying the holocaust would be enforced. no bikini
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the devil one on has tried to minimize the parties' anti semitic stereotypes. despite previous to my aunt's from one needle micah in two thousand twelve to requested the government to drop a list of cheese he produced what he called a national threat the growing support the opaque reflects the far right shift which also encompasses greece's golden dawn france's national front in ukraine so called upon to write is political forces are expected to make gains in the parliamentary elections next month . lifted from pool to cool down an estimated six and a half million in united states making it the largest jewish community in the world in recent years we have seen the widening split between the communities in israel and us with some very crucial issues which those sides differ in their opinions the pew research center in
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washington has recently published the most comprehensive poll ever conducted of the in america and it's the researchers have made it all the way to israel to shed their alarming results to maybe to wake up this summer that the israeli decision makers. today i was in an israeli diplomat for many years that makes the rich indigenous people of israel and the jewish people in america is truly alarming i am very close to the way it did not open to us and he is in my head through the ages weekly lineup for the jewish people living in and added that a meeting in the united states it is a protected and a survey which did you. it's the team gave the police arrived it was yet to tell me. this sixty percent. all the jewish population. i won't. isn't that nice to see her in pursuing a ph growth. it's
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not the easement that day. we should be taught that the state. being bald is one of the jewish people. place dough into two isn't that difficult for a shadow cabinet to use the uk. gah living dead. i doubt if many jewish federation in illinois called an open center though the united states. it cannot be too little ditty by the government buildings in any society that the god to give the american cheese increasingly especially among younger cheaper to make two of religion to eat it at that cute institute alan cooper man who has led the study talks about numbers that should worry every june and lo there a lot of different rhythms of life one that thinks it's gained a lot of attention. it is that there's a growing percentage of american who identifies tuition. don't identify with the jewish religion. that is to see the gospel with their religion is they will not tell you jewish they will say
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atheist or nonstick or nothing in particular among younger jewish adults those under the age of thirty fully a third cannot identify with the jewish religion when it only lets relationships and choose the religion. there are less than fall to less connected with jewish organizations the jewish community in general and united states and their attitudes toward israel. ahh are also blessed positive there are less emotionally attached to israel and the supportive of israel and their growing percentage of younger in particular in the states. the chairman of the new bell family foundation jr dollar admit it was crucial for him when he decided to fund the three such that no dishes in his nation would be involved in conducting it so that no one could ever played. it was biased. the support of the pew study. thank you for all those pure research wyatt's buy anything. would it not one of the jewish organization supporting this gorgeous ourselves that is our family foundation. and
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when you are interested in getting the facts out to the for forty five years the united states. very concerned about jewish continuity and many other organizations united states federation's synagogues the church communities looking at the numbers and saying what do we do some things that we've been doing arrived at the right conclusions. we don't see results. with the take the same resources and rectum somewhere else to read the expression the young people point to the jewish community. the chairman of the change agents he is running up and tell us it makes it wakes up every morning when he gets to be in them. this strategy is to convince to come to israel danger to israel and abroad that are developing normal most love to send them into the future due to the souls of different densities in expenses. it was rooting for
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that so called jewish education. i have many different ways and developing new ways to produce eggs and you should have. looks like the di luca the least begun but the question to be asked is who will be that jason eaton who will be strong enough to pick up the gloves and stepped up to do what needs to be done in order to reunite the jewish people around the world. the jane wyman on jacobson in israel i the one of the most highly prized pieces of chinese porcelain on the planet has sold for thirty six million us dollars so these auction in hong kong to the new world record for any piece of chinese porcelain ever sold these chicken cups were first created in the tango of rain in the fifteenth century the last couple offered for sale with the nineteen ninety nine and it is an established a record for any chinese work of art that cup soldier talks
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and is one of only four taking top remaining in private hands. it has gone to extraordinary good home. i'm in shanghai. the collection of mr du chien who hasn't the very famous museum was opened recently that the digital museum. and it will be when it returns the committee jamie and chicken cup and the whole time. he still has snow this week. they hugged and divine a jade necklace acquired by the cardiac ct stamps the world record for any gti title seventh and doubled its estimate of twenty seven point four four million us dollars after a fierce twenty minutes of bidding. i think that you think that the moods of being on call at this moment in asia is going to be seen in this entire week it's for the price is an appeal that the content the paintings. more than paintings purely an al qaeda cell. i think that to keep
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the updates an extremely good sign that the present climate it will grant financial climate of uncertainty this week spring sale indicates a strong appetite for high end art and jewelry in asia the davidson known for there should be torn bikes built for the open highway has unveiled a new light. harley like any model has released before with than expected retail price of six thousand five hundred to seven thousand five hundred us dollars the streets will be the most affordable by the company of book marketing years in the first u s small bites praying the holy name in over fifty years the harley davidson motorcycles are known as hogs are usually bigger heavy bikes suited for the open road to be incredibly stable on the highway on so they wouldn't be as suitable for a city environment where you have to hunt the terms then
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i'm in an hour traffic and so forth. so this new bike is designed with that in mind the release of the street put charlie in direct competition with japanese bike makers who already have strong brands of their own history is one of the simplest motorcycles the party has ever produced and with the cost is just a bit more than the best the school to the company hopes its trip down to zion with check the younger demographic with them and in this number one market the us declined. since traditional customer base. why is it a white man all over fifty are round fifty nine years in asia and over the last few years they've really it moved to break that demographic and reach a much wider audience history will arrive in american jewish it this way the party expects to ship anywhere from seven thousand to ten thousand units as well as they can find rollout in half a dozen countries including italy spain and portugal. the iconic lotus
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but the world renowned artist claude mundane routine christie's impressionist and modern art sale in new york next month june eighteen oh seven pm to watch and at least valued at thirty five million yen stalinist is part of the collection of masterpieces by bringing our accounts and informal featuring a preview in hong kong. morning was two days of this exceptional quality didn't appear on the auction market very often. what's doubly excited about this painting is the fact that it's being hidden from view for nearly eight years old by the presenter in nineteen thirty and not seen since three of the race continues while in the scoring in the eyes depicting his card in france are part of the collection from the estate of william andrews clark america's richest and the turn of the twentieth century the haunting works of art can only conclude that those invited into
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the apartments of clark's daughter and amateur artists can pop them in nineteen thirty. there are three more masterpieces by french impressionist care and peace to remark from the carcass date for auction through our state. i don't play is valued at two five million years dollars isn't a most valued at five point five million dollars and is raised the issue on all the dow is worth fifteen million us dollars. she's a pro highlights of the screen you precious to more than a score of contemporary art sales to hong kong because we have a strong and growing collective based here in asia. i think there is certainly a strong and the long tradition of collecting and is on the world whether it is weston on school will hold warm glow and it's an area where we are expecting increasing growth for the coming years. according to christie's fifty four a lot auction is expected to raise two hundred forty five million years dollars to ten and sixteen leaders dollars
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heist can still party for such art since may two thousand ten. prehistoric reptiles known as tassel is believed to have gone extinct sixty six million years ago are now getting a new lease on life at new york's american museum of natural history although they do not belong to the dinosaur family did consider close relatives and lived in the same era scientists now believe that they would not only the first backbone creatures other than birds and bats that have applied but also the largest ever inhabit our planet. just hours after only you knew who they were that the first animals with god wants to achieve true power flapping flight so that there will be unique in the adelaide hills represent the largest animals we know of africa have power some of the twin spans up to ten meters across. this is a huge huge animal. how's the moment they're not related to birds are not related to doubts are just a unique group of reptiles that
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after our costs related to dinosaurs but are dinosaurs which did when they of all that they were very diverse and innovative in every time the exhibition includes tessa was fossils as well as interactive tools which explored how the animals with their plight. we have a couple of differing in iraq is in the show which allowed him to manipulate s doesn't end with an initial one that talks about the things that make up slightly from that interact and crossed back he warned about those then you can go in and try those out on wine two different types of ties. when you can sort of catch fish. the others he can chase cicadas are very thick forest. the exhibit is expected to stay at the museum into jesuit fourth two thousand and fifteen giving everyone the opportunity to step back in time in marble that the magnificent and unusual creatures i know. palm beach
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county the jewish population has exploded in recent years in addition to a sizeable all the population the number of younger families has also expanded and now going places like boynton beach and boca raton on. the population of palm beach county just north of miami stands at about one hundred million people. the u s census bureau says the population rose to eighty four percent between two thousand ten in two thousand thirteen. despite having a significant jewish population as recently as the nineteen seventies in some parts of this area now over fifty percent of households are jewish. traditionally this part of the us has been a haven for retirees of march a jewish communities. much of the recent growth can be attributed to younger jewish families. lebanon's president and ceo of the jewish federation of south palm beach county starting to see especially in our own
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community here in south beach county. the indigenous community candidates living here working here raising their families. um building a life here really be a need to take their will and arrived in their place within the jewish communal structure getting involved in setting of orange agency warns federation boards and being part of the true fabric of jewish life. among them that prowess family who live in poker account. according to the jewish federations of north america they represent a trend in palm beach county brian and joe i'm prowess as children aged two and three a lot of the jewish population under the age of seventy units more than doubled in some parts of the mustang came. it's really an advantage for awesome for our children because with all of those families come opportunities for things to do with your children and in ways to engage them in the jewish community in different activities that they can be involved with so i think that's part of what draws people to this area is that they're sorry so much here to enjoy and take advantage of brian prowess to leave south florida's become
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immortal. the jewish communities worldwide will venture into great young people. it seems to me that the jewish community naturally globally is realizing that i'm there reaching out to young families and families of young children. his is the best way to ensure continuity and among the jewish people i think we're seeing that in practice local. the rind until i met around say that grows in the jewish population of south florida's having negative consequences too there's a sense of complacency there's a sense of being jewish by location or association and not as much of a desire to tend to dive in and then really immerse yourself in the courtroom the community as the jewish population of palm beach county continues to grow so do with the number of services catering to the jewish community of schools to senegal to community centers. and it's a trend that demographer see continuing into the future
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speak more to jerry and one and the court of florida. i the rule. do. rudy. to me. do we who are. the room. all i
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did. as i . open. . zune. i
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want my child. american institute in taiwan spokesperson marks america speaking rumor is that the united states pressured democratic progressive party over the cross strait trade in services agreement sandra's that the us has maintained a neutral standpoint as this is an issue for the people of taiwan to be solved the annual the end o


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